Ensure continuity for your family

Artemis provides a vast array of insurance products from the major domestic and international service providers.

Whilst saving money is paramount. Ensuring your families continuity of life is at the forefront of our selection in the insurance products we offer.

Our advisers work with clients so that they are protected against the three biggest financial risks: losing a long-term partner, falling seriously ill and/or becoming disabled. It’s not easy to discuss this matter and we understand that this is a sensitive area, but we are sure you would agree, it is far better to arrange these things in advance than leave a void behind.

With sound financial planning, the consequences of death, illness or disability can be significantly reduced in impact. The end objective is to make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of no matter what fate has in store.

If you are an expat, these issues are even more prevalent and our professional, experienced advisors are able to relate and to support you with all specific insurance requirement you may need now and in the future.


Some of our Insurance Specialities

Critical Illness

Critical Illness

Falling critically ill is not something we can predict, however the impacts of such a scenario can be far reaching. A decision today could alleviate major stress in the future.


Medical Insurance

Health expenses are not something all of us have to consider. For expats its a necessity and for some, their domestic health providers are not always the best option. Level up your healthcare today.


Income Protection Insurance

Our income is what drives our lifestyle and we come to expect those deposits each month. But what happens if you no longer receive them?


Life Insurance

Ensuring continuity and quality of life for our dependents and loved ones is not something we want to think about, but should.

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Originally established to assist expatriates access financial services in SE Asia, Artemis Investment Limited is a leading independent, boutique financial advisory firm which now caters to a global client base.

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